Shaming an Escort

Why Outing a Sex Worker Can Have Devastating Consequences is a great article in the Huffington Post. A young law student graduate named Nadia Guo was outed in the Toronto Sun (where else…that rag). Rosie DiManno was the bitch reporter who outed her because it netted her more readers, naturally. It also devastated Guo’s family.

HuffPost Canada spoke to several Canadian sex workers about their experiences with stigma. What kept them up at night isn’t the services they provide. “Whorephobia” — a term sex work activists use to refer to hatred and discrimination against sex workers — was their biggest enemy.

That’s the reason for the stigma. No one wants to be labelled as a ‘ho. People know nothing about the women in this industry. “The implications can range from losing contact with your family, friendships, your job, and losing housing….The problem, ultimately, is that there’s so much stigma in being a sex worker.”

It’s even more pathetic that a woman outed Guo. Whatever happened to sisterhood? I hope this stuff eventually works out better for the new generation. Sadly this isn’t the case for Guo.