scumbag men

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noted scumbag

I read a distressing post today from the blog An Exotic Escort’s Diary. It was titled Escorting: The Joys of Scumbag Men. In it the blogger detailed how some creepy guy (like the one pictured here) called her up and yelled that she was a “fucking whore.” No reason for the phone call except to scream an obscenity at her.

It reminded me of a message I got on my phone once. It was truly creepy. A man whispered into the phone w-h-o-r-r-r-e! twice and hung up. Visions of Black Christmas danced through my head without the sugar plums.

This didn’t happen often. In fact in 10 years it really was a rarity. But when it happens its as creepy as can be. I can’t imagine who’s at the other end of the line. Your husband? (ha). A loser with low self-esteem whose never had a girlfriend? A psychopath who rapes women for a hobby?

Who knows? But creeps like that abound. Usually those calls are harmless. If you think you’re being stalked that’s another matter. It’s time to call the police. That’s one thing about an escort agency. Clients don’t have the women’s numbers so they can’t harass them (although hopefully the calls aren’t coming from clients..but you never know).

Don’t use your own cell number if you are an independent. Get one from text talk or some such service then shut it down when you get a call like that. A reverse search isn’t going to put you in danger when the number isn’t registered with your phone plan provider.