samantha x is my idol

I love Samantha X. You know who she is right? Gorgeous Australian escort – quite famous – who now owns her own escort agency….Sydney Escorts. Blonde lady possibly in her 50s, married (I think), and a media darling, Samantha X is cool on so many levels:

  1. She won’t hire women under 25 years old
  2. She is a very successful enterpreneur
  3. She is in her 50s and a knockout looking woman
  4. She seems to enjoy this industry
  5. She is a success story in the sex industry
  6. She has great boobs (ha – had to get that one in there)

I’m thinking about semi-retirement – maybe 1 or 2 shifts a month. I’d rather be a booker but I can’t find a Toronto agency that’s hiring. Does anyone have a lead?

Maybe Samantha X hires long distance….