cupids escorts is top notch

If you are hot enough to get hired by cupids escorts in toronto you will do very well. It’s one of the premier escort agencies in the city. It typically hires women in their 20’s. It has a “mature” category but the oldest mature I’ve seen on the site is 39. I doubt the founder and owner, Jillian Hollander, has too many women like that on the roster.

What makes it unique is that there are a lot of perks. For instance as far as I know cupids is the only agency in the city that offers:

  1. rrsp contributions
  2. pays $2,000.00 annually for escort’s plastic surgery
  3. contributes $3,000.00 towards tuition fees
  4. gifts $6,000.00 towards purchase of a home in toronto

If that doesn’t sound elite I can’t imagine what does.