3 common myths about escorting

  1. I’m going to make loads of money! Maybe. That depends on many factors including age, physical appearance, services, price and whether or not you are independent or you work with an escort agency. Check out independent listings on Leolist.I’ve seen prices as low as $30.00 and as high as $300.00. Most men will bargain them down that’s why the prices are high.
  2. It’s glamorous. No it’s not. If you picture yourself going out to 5-star restaurants for dinner and travelling by plane to meet clients you will be very disappointed. That is so rare in the escort industry that even women who work with elite agencies don’t usually have this experience.
  3. I’m going to meet celebrities! No. You’re not, unless you are in that 10% of escorts who is sent by an agency to provide “companionship” to a celebrity this absolutely won’t happen to you.