that empty feeling

When you’re an escort there are days you feel, well, empty. Escorting isn’t an acceptable status in Western society. There’s a huge stigma. You can’t tell anyone what you do for a living unless you never want to see him or her again. Then again it’s a great way to get people you don’t like out of your life.

Personal relationships are difficult. You either lie and don’t tell your boyfriend you’re an escort so you can keep him or you tell him and he probably breaks it off. Unless he’s a porn star. That can work.

Hiding where you’re going and how you make your money doesn’t feel good. Only confident women can rise above it. I simply blocked it out when I spoke to my family. I also wrote in my journal as an emotional outlet. That’s helpful. I mean if you cant talk to someone else about your life at least talk to yourself.

The best way I can suggest to get out of a slump is to take time off and get involved with activities that have nothing to do with your job. Be around fun, “normal” people with ordinary lives. Go do ordinary stuff like shop and meet friends for coffee. Blog. It’s helpful and best of all you get to be anonymous.

Anonymous, however, is still empty.