not 1 in 10,000?

Gwyneth Montenegro is the notorious escort who had sex with 10,000 clients. Nope not 10,000 times….10,000 men. That probably means she’s had sex way more times than that if she got any repeats. She released a book (10,000 Men and Counting) and now she gives interviews about how the number of good men out there is dwindling rapidly.

Jezebel, an ezine about all kinds of pop culture and other stuff, ran the numbers to see how long it might have taken GM to have that much sex: she claimed 12 years so the mag claims she has to have had sex with 2 – 4 men every day. 12 years. 4 men a day. Ultimately Jezebel called her on it: Your vag would break. Don’t forget she has two other holes. And maybe a strap-on or two.

All I know is if she can’t find 1 good man in 10,000 maybe it’s her. Not the men.

samantha x is my idol

I love Samantha X. You know who she is right? Gorgeous Australian escort – quite famous – who now owns her own escort agency….Sydney Escorts. Blonde lady possibly in her 50s, married (I think), and a media darling, Samantha X is cool on so many levels:

  1. She won’t hire women under 25 years old
  2. She is a very successful enterpreneur
  3. She is in her 50s and a knockout looking woman
  4. She seems to enjoy this industry
  5. She is a success story in the sex industry
  6. She has great boobs (ha – had to get that one in there)

I’m thinking about semi-retirement – maybe 1 or 2 shifts a month. I’d rather be a booker but I can’t find a Toronto agency that’s hiring. Does anyone have a lead?

Maybe Samantha X hires long distance….