not 1 in 10,000?

Gwyneth Montenegro is the notorious escort who had sex with 10,000 clients. Nope not 10,000 times….10,000 men. That probably means she’s had sex way more times than that if she got any repeats. She released a book (10,000 Men and Counting) and now she gives interviews about how the number of good men out there is dwindling rapidly.

Jezebel, an ezine about all kinds of pop culture and other stuff, ran the numbers to see how long it might have taken GM to have that much sex: she claimed 12 years so the mag claims she has to have had sex with 2 – 4 men every day. 12 years. 4 men a day. Ultimately Jezebel called her on it: Your vag would break. Don’t forget she has two other holes. And maybe a strap-on or two.

All I know is if she can’t find 1 good man in 10,000 maybe it’s her. Not the men.

samantha x is my idol

I love Samantha X. You know who she is right? Gorgeous Australian escort – quite famous – who now owns her own escort agency….Sydney Escorts. Blonde lady possibly in her 50s, married (I think), and a media darling, Samantha X is cool on so many levels:

  1. She won’t hire women under 25 years old
  2. She is a very successful enterpreneur
  3. She is in her 50s and a knockout looking woman
  4. She seems to enjoy this industry
  5. She is a success story in the sex industry
  6. She has great boobs (ha – had to get that one in there)

I’m thinking about semi-retirement – maybe 1 or 2 shifts a month. I’d rather be a booker but I can’t find a Toronto agency that’s hiring. Does anyone have a lead?

Maybe Samantha X hires long distance….

retirement sucks!

The hours are great but the income is lower. It’s not the age I want to retire at that matters….it’s the amount. I like the freedom and I like not having a penis in my face to make a living. Gotta say I don’t miss it…I still have my boyfriend’s.

I am thinking about working another shift soon just to pull down $1,000.00 for one shift. I can pretty much expect it. It depends on the effort I want to make. Isn’t that true of everyone?

I could always top up my rrsp.

I promised myself I’m finished. I don’t the job but damn I’m feeling the $$ pinch.

Stay tuned…..

Shaming an Escort

Why Outing a Sex Worker Can Have Devastating Consequences is a great article in the Huffington Post. A young law student graduate named Nadia Guo was outed in the Toronto Sun (where else…that rag). Rosie DiManno was the bitch reporter who outed her because it netted her more readers, naturally. It also devastated Guo’s family.

HuffPost Canada spoke to several Canadian sex workers about their experiences with stigma. What kept them up at night isn’t the services they provide. “Whorephobia” — a term sex work activists use to refer to hatred and discrimination against sex workers — was their biggest enemy.

That’s the reason for the stigma. No one wants to be labelled as a ‘ho. People know nothing about the women in this industry. “The implications can range from losing contact with your family, friendships, your job, and losing housing….The problem, ultimately, is that there’s so much stigma in being a sex worker.”

It’s even more pathetic that a woman outed Guo. Whatever happened to sisterhood? I hope this stuff eventually works out better for the new generation. Sadly this isn’t the case for Guo.

that empty feeling

When you’re an escort there are days you feel, well, empty. Escorting isn’t an acceptable status in Western society. There’s a huge stigma. You can’t tell anyone what you do for a living unless you never want to see him or her again. Then again it’s a great way to get people you don’t like out of your life.

Personal relationships are difficult. You either lie and don’t tell your boyfriend you’re an escort so you can keep him or you tell him and he probably breaks it off. Unless he’s a porn star. That can work.

Hiding where you’re going and how you make your money doesn’t feel good. Only confident women can rise above it. I simply blocked it out when I spoke to my family. I also wrote in my journal as an emotional outlet. That’s helpful. I mean if you cant talk to someone else about your life at least talk to yourself.

The best way I can suggest to get out of a slump is to take time off and get involved with activities that have nothing to do with your job. Be around fun, “normal” people with ordinary lives. Go do ordinary stuff like shop and meet friends for coffee. Blog. It’s helpful and best of all you get to be anonymous.

Anonymous, however, is still empty.

moron paid escort agency to book with celebrities

Seriously how stupid can anyone be? A Chinese businessman (Yu Martin Xu) paid Royal Court Escorts in Sydney Australia $3.7 million to have sx with models and celebrities. You can’t make this stuff up. Xu actually believed this agency would set him up with Megan Fox and Candice Swanepoel (Victoria’s Secret Model).

I don’t know when Fox entered the escort business. I thought she liked being an actress. Isn’t she wealthy as it is?

You know that expression “there’s a sucker born every minute?” There’s your sucker.

cupids escorts is top notch

If you are hot enough to get hired by cupids escorts in toronto you will do very well. It’s one of the premier escort agencies in the city. It typically hires women in their 20’s. It has a “mature” category but the oldest mature I’ve seen on the site is 39. I doubt the founder and owner, Jillian Hollander, has too many women like that on the roster.

What makes it unique is that there are a lot of perks. For instance as far as I know cupids is the only agency in the city that offers:

  1. rrsp contributions
  2. pays $2,000.00 annually for escort’s plastic surgery
  3. contributes $3,000.00 towards tuition fees
  4. gifts $6,000.00 towards purchase of a home in toronto

If that doesn’t sound elite I can’t imagine what does.

scumbag men

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is creepy-man-stock-today-160408-tease_e24e0d0b2c702742976062ff926f2bed.jpg
noted scumbag

I read a distressing post today from the blog An Exotic Escort’s Diary. It was titled Escorting: The Joys of Scumbag Men. In it the blogger detailed how some creepy guy (like the one pictured here) called her up and yelled that she was a “fucking whore.” No reason for the phone call except to scream an obscenity at her.

It reminded me of a message I got on my phone once. It was truly creepy. A man whispered into the phone w-h-o-r-r-r-e! twice and hung up. Visions of Black Christmas danced through my head without the sugar plums.

This didn’t happen often. In fact in 10 years it really was a rarity. But when it happens its as creepy as can be. I can’t imagine who’s at the other end of the line. Your husband? (ha). A loser with low self-esteem whose never had a girlfriend? A psychopath who rapes women for a hobby?

Who knows? But creeps like that abound. Usually those calls are harmless. If you think you’re being stalked that’s another matter. It’s time to call the police. That’s one thing about an escort agency. Clients don’t have the women’s numbers so they can’t harass them (although hopefully the calls aren’t coming from clients..but you never know).

Don’t use your own cell number if you are an independent. Get one from text talk or some such service then shut it down when you get a call like that. A reverse search isn’t going to put you in danger when the number isn’t registered with your phone plan provider.

should i be an escort?

That’s a question only you can answer. It’s easier to make an informed decision when you :

  1. ask the right questions
  2. do the research into what this business is all about

Some of the questions you might ask yourself are do I have another source of income I could pursue; what will happen if my family finds out; am I capable of having sex for money?

The last question is a toughie. You haven’t been raised to have sex for cash I should imagine. It will be awkward the first time (or more) that you engage in this transaction.

You also need to understand the pitfalls and pluses of the business. This takes some research on your part: read blogs, websites and publications such as my book 🙂